Easy steps to certification

Before you can get certified, you will first have to develop and document your production processes, implementing the correct procedures to ensure you can maintain your quality standards. Here are the six essential steps to becoming an ISO-certified business. We are your trusted partner to guide you through the entire lifecycle of the process.

Step 1: Begin the certification process by submitting your company details and requirements

We will communicate with you to collect the necessary information to determine your specific needs including type of certification, specific locations, your processes and services, desired scope, and management representatives among other details. Concise, relevant, and professional communication throughout the process

Step 2: Receive Quotation for the defined scope of work

As soon as we have all the details of your company, we would provide you with a quotation for the Stage 1 & Stage 2 audits and the first surveillance audits. This would be a no-obligation quotation for no additional fees and no extra/hidden charges. All charges would be clearly listed in the quotation. We offer competitive pricing along with excellent services.

Step 3: Sign contract for certification services

The signed Proposal Document i.e. “Quotation for Certification Services” becomes a contract to conduct auditing and certification services. It includes confidentiality requirements and the right of access to your company to conduct audit activities. Once the contract is signed, Bluestar would provide you visibility into documentation and requirements for the remaining steps of the process. We will help you choose one of our qualified auditors and dates will be arranged for the audit activities.

Step 4: Stage 1 Audit

The purpose of the Stage 1 audit is to evaluate your location and site-specific conditions and to determine preparedness for the Stage 2 audit. In order to become certified, your company must demonstrate that its management system is functioning and the various control mechanisms are operable. Bluestar would provide written reports detailing the audit findings and identify any areas of potential non-conformity for the stage 2 audit.

Step 5: Stage 2 Audit

Stage 2 audit determines if your company has successfully documented and implemented all the requirements of the specified standard. This is accomplished via an in-depth review of your procedures and the confirmation of their implementation. The audit also verifies conformance to the identified standard. This on-site audit also reviews any potential non-conformity identified in stage 1.

Step 6: Certificate Issuance

Based upon the auditor’s recommendation and the certifier’s decision, the Certificate will be issued. The Lead Auditor’s recommendation will be based upon the successful completion of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits and resolution of all non-conformities identified.

This will be your gateway into adopting efficient Quality Management Systems that will save time and cost, improve efficiency and ultimately improve customer relationships. This certification is an announcement to the industry that your company is more reliable and makes the quality of your products and services clear, measurable & controllable in order to distinguish yourself from competition.

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